Monday, May 23, 2011

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is a singer that grew up in the streets of California, he is a very unique singer, he has his known swag (Style). Wiz Khaifa likes to sing about the finest weed the earth has to smoke and also likes to sing about how the singing life has changed him and how being famous has changed his whole entire life and how he can change any girls life by hanging out with him.
            How did Wiz get started? Wiz got started by smoking weed in his room and making music, he had concerts around the neighborhood and ended up getting paid for it so he invested his money on recording equipment and started producing music and making his know company for signing artist.  Once wiz got his first cd made he decided he needed a name for his company so he used his best friends name Taylor that made the beats to his music and used it as his company name and added gang at the end of it because it all started with their group of friends.

Wiz not only just sings but he has his known accessories and apperal to he had his known rolling papers, grinders sweaters and tee shrits you can buy along with a his cds.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Swag Dancin

Swag dancin is more then just a dance. swag dancing is a few dancing styles that can be put together or kept in there known category. the different types of swag dancing are the Catdaddy, dougie, crumping, and jerking.  These dancing styles are made up by black people in California  mainly kids about the ages of 17 threw 19 ,or 20 years old.  This type of dancing is done in the streets of and can battle other people that can swag dance.
    Some good things about swag dancing is that it is a very unique type of dancing and mainly done in your own style so you can add your own  moves and add any type of creative dancing to it.  Swag dancing is good in this world because it gets kids off of drugs and out on the streets dancing and making videos, it also gets kids out of trouble instead of going out and shooting some one they go out and dance and make videos, if they are really mad they can take there anger out by dancing instead of fighting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School Experience at Anthem

Hi my name is Sammy Fuentes,

I am writing to tell you about what I like about Anthem Career College and the business management program. The pros about Anthem Career college is that it’s a really small school, and it is a very good school to get one on one help with the teachers and also get extra help in class and outside of class when needed .  Anthem has a very well organized and flexible schedule to help your time schedule. Anthem is also a very friendly environment and is a great place to make friends and meet new people.  The teachers at Anthem are always friendly and not only teach out of the book but also bring examples out of the real world to the class room to show examples in class and it gives better learning ability.
The cons about Anthem Career College are that there are not a lot of young people to interact with.  Also once you start attending Anthem and you transfer from another college and you already have credit for a few classes you have to retake those class because this is a private school and credits do not carry over.